Athlete Development Program

Agency Athlete is a full-service international sports management and marketing agency.

We receive countless inquiries from athletes seeking representation. Unfortunately we are not able to sign every athlete. We have turned away many promising athletes due to a variety of factors.

Over the years we have noticed there are scores of athletes that could use professional marketing support to promote their skills. Surprisingly many athletes are not prepared for the digital age. Athletes have got to present their information in a uniform and attractive format.

Our athlete development program offers a streamlined service for athletes to organize, promote and distribute their online bio portfolio with a unique central destination under our agency branding.

The development marketing package includes a comprehensive online athlete profile, bio download, athlete bio pdf file and a dedicated account manager.

Our athlete development program assists athletes in their quest to reach professional sports leagues or attain sponsorships. We provide the proper guidance and marketing tools to have an edge against the rest. We accept all athletes from all sports in our development program. Our athlete development program includes:

Online Athlete Profile

Athlete Bio File

Account Manager
> Unique Agency Athlete Web Address

> Biography Information

> Dedicated Agent Advisor
> Biography Information

> Stats Information

> Pro Sports Consulting
> Stats Information

> Profile Image

> Agency Point-of-Contact
> Image Gallery

> Accomplishments

> Available 24/7
> Video Display

> Media Links

> Profile Download

> Contact Information

> Social Media Integration

> PDF Format

> Private Contact Feature

> Agency Athlete Branding



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What is AgencyAthlete?

  • Agency Athlete is a full-service international sports management agency. We provide representation and marketing services to professional athletes. Contact us for a personal consultation.
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